Fabricating architectural copper cupolas, finials, full dormers, and louvers since 1952.

Metalaire Louver Co.
Building quality architectural copper and steel ventilation products, since 1952.

Metalaire Louver was founded in 1952 based on the belief that hard work coupled with true craftsmanship produced a quality product. It has been sixty six years since we first opened our doors, and we still hold those values to be true. Metalaire products are all hand crafted here in the USA by experienced metal workers and copper smiths. Collectively we have over 100+ years experience working with metal. Our experienced team of customer support and fabrication staff are excited to serve you!

Custom and special projects:
Metalaire Louver Company is pleased to offer the ability to fabricate most any custom project manufactured from a variety of sheet metal and iron products. If you have a custom project and would like to receive information on our ability to manufacture it for you please contact us at info@metalairelouver.com.

Website products & size alterations:
All of our product line is available in custom sizing per specs as provided by the homeowner, builder, or architect. We are more than happy to accommodate your desires for a custom look or size. To request a custom product, or additional questions regarding our products, please feel free to contact us!

Metalaire Louver Company
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Our History:

Metalaire Louver Company was founded in 1952 by Major Marshall Thompson. From the beginning Metalaire Louver was founded upon innovation, excellence, and service. In 1952 Major realized that the industry standard of wood louvers was unable to effectively ventilate a home and left the consumer with a short service life.

Proving his draw to innovation, Major manufactured a metal louver. It was specifically designed for ease of installation into residential homes. Even when traveling, Major prided himself on a commitment to the consumer. While traveling through Memphis, Tennessee Major took his new louvers to builders who saw their superiority. As the Metalaire Louver Company has come to learn, our commitment to the consumer is always the best thing for the industry. Major's louvers quickly took over the market.

A few years after our founding, in 1959, James Walker Rawlings, a local Memphis boy met Major. Major quickly hired this tenacious youth, who had a value for hard work and an aptitude for mathematics. Attending Messick High School, serving in the Army, and graduating with a degree in math from Memphis State University, Rawlings was part of his community and committed to serving it. Eventually, Major passed on the reins of the company to Rawlings. He also passed on his values of innovation, excellence, and service. Rawlings earned the respect of his peers and community. His customers called him "Jim" and his co-workers called him "The Rock", both knew him for his honesty and hard-work.

For Rawlings, as it is for our company, it wasn't just about the work that he did. It was about the community. The same community stood by him as he used his famous smile, sense of humor, and trademark resolve to fight an 11-year battle with cancer. In 2007 he passed away, but he also passed on a legacy.

Metalaire Louver Company and its service to its community is part of that legacy. As is his son, James Forrest Rawlings. Also known as Jim, James didn't only share a name, he also shared his father's knowledge and values. Innovation, excellence, and service. In 1999, Jim took the helm, and, like his father, began expanding the manufacturing. Jim still leads the company today to honor both our history and our values. At Metalaire Louver Company many things have changed but our values never will. We'll continue to innovate, strive for excellence, and serve each of our customers.

Jim can be contacted directly at his email,

Building quality architectural copper and steel ventilation products since 1952