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Cupolas Full Dormers
Metalaire cupolas are the supreme method for stylizing your home and ventilating attic space. Handcrafted from 16oz copper these designer cupolas help transform a boring roof ridge into a high end focal point. As with the full dormers, cupolas are intended for ventilation, but often times are utilized purely for decorative purposes.
Metalaire full dormers are a decorative way to not only stylize your roof and improve your homes curb appeal, but also provide additional air exchange for crawl spaces and attics. Dormers are intended to ventilate, however it is not uncommon to see dormers being utilized solely for decorative purposes.
Louvers Specialized Vents
Louvers are a perfect solution to provide reliable ventilation to attics, crawl spaces, and other closed off or non vented areas. Metalaire louvers all feature stationary blades engineered with a precise baffle shape and orientation guaranteed to provide maximal ventilation and protection from harsh weather.
Specialized ventilation includes items such as soffit and decorative dryer vents.
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Eclipse copper cupola with ridge mount base. Triangle Louver Arch Top Louver Circle Top Louver
Eclipse - Copper Roof Cupola
List Price: $3,499.99
Our Price: $2,999.99
Savings: $500.00
Triangle Louver
Starting At: $82.99
Arch Top Louver
Starting At: $31.99

Circle Top Louver
Starting At: $31.99
Round Vent Triangle Top Louver Half Circle Vent Octagonal Vent
Circle Louver
Starting At: $69.99
Pitch Top Louver
Starting At: $51.99
Half Circle Louver
Starting At: $27.95
Octagon Louver
Starting At: $49.99

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